the i am group, inc.

theIamGroupinc. is a place where ideas are created, developed, implemented and managed to successfully give our clients “the idea” which will separate their company, products and services from the competition in the mind of the buyer.

Unlike the typical ad agency, we are not married to paid media.

Our focus is on “the idea” which will lower selling costs, increase sales and bring more profits to the client’s bottom line.

Our Methodology

Our success is built around a methodology that uses I am? Perception Audits and the mind of an 8-year-old.

Step One: Internal Audits

The process starts with Internal Audits of the client’s management and sales staff to determine if the “team” is in sync as to its perception of what the company is and what it is selling. The Internal Audits also determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company and its products and services and that of its major competition. In every Internal Audit undertaken, not one company was in sync.

Step Two: External Audits

This is followed by External Audits of customers, former customers and non-customers to determine their perception of the company and its products and services and that of the major competition and why they bought or didn’t.

Step Three: Competitive Strategy Evaluation

Step three is the undertaking of an evaluation of the strategy being employed by the major competition in its communication material.

The first three steps, all in-the-box thinking, provides the all-important groundwork for creating “the idea” that will separate the company and its products or services from the competition.

Step Four: Thinking Like An 8-Year-Old

Thinking outside-the-box is seldom successful unless you know what’s inside-the-box … what the buyer will accept and what it won’t … and then, and only then, thinking like an 8-year-old.

At the age of 8, the person’s mind, the box, has not been filled with “can’t-do,” “won’t work,” or “never been done” attitudes which force the rejection of most ideas.

To achieve this 8-year-old mentality, we create provocation, escape techniques, random entries and humor to create the mind and vision of an 8-year-old to generate ideas.

No idea is discarded.

All ideas, no matter how unlikely, are harvested and go through a series of assessments as to acceptability, cost, risk and fit.

This process is what separates us from our competition and greatly reduces the failure rate of ideas.

So, if you’re looking to achieve selling success and overcome the up to 98% failure rate of advertising and communication … just give us a toll-free call at 1.800.421.2358 or e-mail us at


The secret of our success
is thinking like an 8-year-old.