idea management

Ideas are the backbone of every business.

Ideas are the reason companies are formed.

Ideas are what give companies, products and services their identity.

Ideas are what get people to buy and sell.

In reality, people don’t buy companies, products or services, people buy ideas.

And everything starts with an idea:

  • The company.
  • The company name.
  • The product or service to be sold.
  • The product or service name.
  • The company logo.
  • The product or service trademark.
  • The packaging.
  • The advertising.
  • The communication material.
  • Business and selling are a battle of ideas and the battle takes place in the mind of the buyer.

    The winners are the companies whose managements understand that success of the company and its products or services is based on the creation, development, implementation and management of “the idea” that will effectively separate it from the competition in the mind of the buyer.

    While creation of “the idea” might sound like a simple task it’s not.

    Ideas have a failure rate of up to 98%.

    And the major causes of failure are:

  • Originating from unfocused brainstorming.
  • Preconceived assumptions.
  • Poor idea development.
  • Weak idea implementation.
  • To succeed, “the idea” must come from the mind of the buyer, be developed, implemented and managed.

    The further away your idea is from the potential buyer’s idea, the greater the selling costs will be.

    The closer your idea is to your competition’s idea, the greater the selling costs will be.

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